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R I T U A L  transcends beyond serene surroundings, dreamy island landscapes and insta cool yoga poses.

As much as we’re kids of new age travel, we treasure authentic island living that has the local lifestyle at heart. 

Each retreat draws upon our favorite summer rituals.

The joy of a dive from a high rock, a secret cave that suddenly appears, the failed handstands on the beach, olive picking in the sunshine and watching the sunset over the mountains as we swim in the sea.  

Tracing back to those rituals, we honor our memories and share them with people who seek the same adventures in life. 

With people who value true connection with the place they visit, with travelers and adventurers. 

Join us on our next retreat!

Find your Ritual.

with love,

R I T U A L    R E T R E A T S 

Thanks for reaching out! We'll get back to you shortly. Namaste.

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