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Getting to Brac is easy. You will need to fly into Split Airport (SPU), the international airport serving the city of Split, Croatia.  


Several major airlines fly from the U.S. to Split, including Norwegian, United, Lufthansa, and KLM. United Airlines and Lufthansa are both Star Alliance members, and that will typically be your best bet. You’ll usually connect in Munich or Frankfurt if you take a Star Alliance flight. Then, you’ll get on a Lufthansa or Croatia Airlines flight into Croatia. Croatia Airlines is also Star Alliance. 


We recommend using one of the following websites for possible fares: 








Fly into Split airport (SPU), which is 35 minutes outside of Split. Then, there are three options: 


  1. First, you can let us take care of the planning for you!  We offer airport transports via taxi/ferry combo or via private boat pick-up directly from the airport.  Email us with your flight info and we'll take care of the rest!

  2. Second, you can take an Uber, taxi or the airport shuttle bus from the airport to town, and then head to Brac by ferry (this is the more cost-efficient, typical option).

  • Taxis - We recommend Sun and Sea Travel

  • Airport shuttle bus (large white bus), leaves approximately 45 min after every incoming flight, no reservations, pay onboard using approximately 35 Croatian kunas ($6), picks-up outside terminal on the right-hand side, for exact schedule see:

  • Ferry Split to Brac, leaves almost every hour, from ~5am to midnight, goes from the Split Riva to Supetar (the main port town on Brac), pay ~36 Croatian kunas ($6) at white ticket kiosks near loading area and receive ticket to get on board, for exact schedule see:

  • Rent-a-car in Supetar: M & B Rent-A-Car:

   2. Third, you can head directly from the airport to Brac by taxi boat (faster, more expensive, easy option). ​

  • Taxi Boat directly from Split Airport to the island Brac:



Split is a popular tourist destination. Parking is difficult. Uber is available. Buses are frequent and can take you anywhere in the country. Ferries are frequent and can take you to most of the nearby islands. Book rent-a-cars in advance. It’s no problem to get your bus or ferry ticket on the same day.




Brac is a beautiful island with many places to see, eat, and swim. Parking is easy in most towns. Great place to rent a car or motor scooter. 

  • Rent-a-car in Supetar: M & B Rent-A-Car:

  • Uber is not available on the island

  • You can use our driver, Toni. Just let him know you're with "Britton's yoga retreats" for discounted rates. His number is +385 91 582 5507



Croatia is in the European Union. As such, things are priced in Euros and you will definitely need to get some of those before you come to Croatia. For most of the small things (e.g., cafes, shops, taxis, etc.), you will need to have cash. The good news (at least right now, as we’re writing this) is that the US Dollar is pretty strong; as such, you can get a lot in Croatia for every US dollar you convert. Right now, the exchange rate is about 1 dollar / 0.92 Euros. 

Here are your two best options for exchanging money for your trip in Croatia. 


Note: you can also pay for certain things using your U.S. credit card, but you need to make sure your credit card company knows that you’ll be in Croatia. Also, they may charge you a 1-3% transaction fee for each purchase.


Exchange options:

  1. Go to your local bank in the U.S. and ask them for Euros. 

  2. If you arrive into Croatia a day or two prior to the retreat, go to a bank in Croatia, such as OTP, and exchange US dollars for euros. This will be a bit of an “experience” because banks in Croatia are not as well organized as they are here, but you will likely get a better exchange rate. For example, if the actual exchange rate is .92 euro / dollar, you can expect to get somewhere around .90 euro / dollar. And, that’s about the best you can do!  To stay up to date with the exchange rate, you can check out the Croatian National Bank's Exchange Rate List.

  3. WHAT NOT TO DO? Don’t exchange your money at an airport money exchange kiosk in the United States or Croatia. Aside from giving you a relatively poor exchange rate, it’s also typical for them to charge you an exchange commission fee.

Note:  To stay up to date with the exchange rate, you can check out the Croatian National Bank's Exchange Rate List.

QUESTIONS?  Contact us!

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